Fergus Out Ethics the Ethics Party

Ouch! This must hurt.

Looks like the NH Democrats came up with a scam scheme to skim a little of the Soros/Red Army/Hsu cash their own presidential candidates are known to keep on hand.

Good on’em! Great idea! Why didn’t they think of this it sooner?

Of course anyone with a hint of ethics would see that using NH statutes to extort money from the national parties has an ethics problem, but cash is cash and campaigns cost money, even campaigns for “change”.

What I like most about this buried story is the fact the Republicans took not one dime from their candidates with left wing Democrat Peter Burling’s SB 98 amendment to RSA 654.

Smart move Fergus Cullen!

This scam was a pure money maker for either party but amazingly the one really cash strapped Party did not bite.

Now its pay back time!

  1. The head Democrat should put down the Amsterdam Travel Guide, get out a pen and crank out a big fat check to each candidate who was scammed out of $65,000.00 for a $450.00 centralized NH voter list. (a public document)
  2. The Democrat party should pay back the whole $325,000.00, with interest, and not any amount less.
  3. Democrat Presidential candidates who come to NH, and their supporters, should take a second look at anyone, especially weirdoes, in their own party who try to cheat them then clean house after this election crashes and burns on them.
  4. Libertarians should remember which party excluded them from making any money selling the state voter list but went ahead and scammed $325,000.00 from candidates for themselves.
  5. Congress should start an investigation of this unconstitutional law that scammed money from out of state sources. “Carol the Ethical” could call for it. It should rag on for several years and go all the way to the top.
  6. Democrats should go back to having Contra dances and selling tofu burgers for fundraisers and stop scamming the candidates who come to NH for the Presidential Primary.

Knowing the liberals who run the Democrat Party in this state as I do I imagine they will hope the next court hearing will go in their favor.

Note to libs: It’s too late.

Pay the money back!