Look For That Union Label

Now Manchester’s Peter Sullivan, Joe Kelly Levasseur, and I all have something in common.

We have all had our political mail meddled with in some fashion through the good old Manchester Post Office.

With me back in 1996 it was actually the Hillsboro Post Office that tampered with my political mail. But Manchester got a chance to play a part when I called there to make a complaint. Boy had I just tumbled from the turnip truck.

I was supposed to make my “complaint” about the Hillsboro Post Office taking my undeliverable political mailings and giving them to my opponent to a Mrs. Koch at the Manchester office. She was on “vacation”. I then received a call from a Mr. Staples who said he would handle this investigation personally by taking a team to Hillsboro to straighten things out.

Months later I found out from a retired PO employee that this Staples person worked in personnel and had no business handling my complaint. So it seems I was diverted to a dead end.

No big deal, I got my small measure of revenge here in town by another method, but that is a different story.

Having mail held up in the Manchester Post Office until AFTER the election seems to be the same old story.

The last election in Manchester saw Joe Kelly Levasseur file a complaint with the Post Office after receiving his political mail back AFTER the election was over as well as a USPS check for services NOT rendered. That would be of course depending on who you are. I imagine Joe’s opponent is none too unhappy about this situation.

And now we have Peter Sullivan, a Democrat, finding that his mail, according to press reports I have seen, bundled with a rubber band and put on a supervisor’s desk. Funny, Peter is said not to have used a rubber band to SEND his political mail.

My mail back in 1996 was marked with our town road agent’s PO Box number and placed in his box instead of returned to me or disposed of lawfully.

Pretty clever guys down at the Post Office wouldn’t you say?

Want to have some fun Peter? Here is one thing we all used to laugh about here in Hillsboro.

I would have friends from out of state mail me packages and large letters with this message on the outside. “Dear Postal Employee: Please do not open Mr. Naile’s mail this time. Thank you very much!”

Joe Kelly Levasseur has a lawsuit filed in Federal Court for remedy of this situation but I would say the chances of him winning are damn slim if the US Postal Employees are still diverting political mail, wouldn't you?. They must feel pretty secure about this time honored process.