Honors Galore

The Nashua Telegraph has just won a very prestigious award for newspapers in the northeast having circulation under 30,000. I forget the name of the award but it doesn't really matter. What matters is that they won an award!

The prime reason, among many, this most prestigious award was given to the Nashua Telegraph was because of their reporting about the Nashua School Superintendent who is still on paid leave since it was discovered last year she was more interested in traveling all around America looking for newer and more exciting and – dare I say, award winning jobs than the one in Nashua.

Once the tenacious reporters from the Telegraph got hold of the story about this fly-by-night education fraud superintendent the bleep hit the fan and she was removed from office - with pay. As usual, she is getting the best of the situation because it is taxpayer money being wasted. In business, if an employer found out she was a phony she would be long gone.

This is what puzzles me.

The Telegraph gets a most prestigious award for outing the school super by following her around to places like Oklahoma where she was looking for work on the Nashua dime.

But at the Coalition of NH Taxpayers we never get awards for what we do. It must be because we try to alert the school boards and boards of selectmen BEFORE they make a bad hire like the one Nashua.

No awards for contacting the locals BEFORE they hire a school super we had problems with in another NH town.

No awards for tipping off a selectman about an assessing firm that screwed up some other municipality BEFORE they sign a contract with them.

Good job and congratulations though to the Nashua Telegraph for their most prestigious ward.

Maybe next year they can win another in the category – Northeast Papers With Circulation Less Than 20,000.