Step Up And Perjure Yourself

It looks like the news media, especially NBC, and Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald passed the impeachment pipe around the NBC tee-pee one too many times when they dreamed up the Scooter Libby outing of supposed covert agent Valerie Plame, wife of one man President Bush assault team. Fitz new from week two that Richard Armitage “outed” the non-covert agent to several reporters but went after Libby because his boss was Veep Cheney opposed to Armitage's who was Colin Powell.

Now some of the country's, no, the universe's, top “unbiased” reporters are squirming. So is another dupe in the wigged-out-wam - faux-cowboy and radio wrangler Don Imus.

Imus, as was the case with most liberals, drooled each morning as he “interviewed” Andra Mitchell, David Gregory, Tim Russert, and a host of other star news anchors, who up until this episode could make or break administrations with their carefully crafted news product line.

Oh they were going to get Scooter, then Cheney, then the big prize, the Prez himself.

Ah, but they are all now caught in various lies and publicly exposed for what they truly are – bag men for the Democrat party. Suddenly they want no part of the limelight. No testifying in the trial of the century. What gives?

Even Don Imus who bought into this sham looks like a putz. And he, unlike the rest of the gang, has to save his credibility and career by asking the some hard questions, live on his show, and getting straight answers, or else.

Does Imus have the guts to call these NBC news fabricators on the carpet? Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald worked like the devil to keep Andrea “everybody in Washington knew where Wilson's wife worked” Mitchell of the stand.

Imus has had it way too easy on his morning show. I remember him making his bones doing bathroom humor on WABC in NY back in the early 70's. But in recent years he has become a political expert of sorts with supposed journalists cooing, and chatting, and buttering him up every morning as he treats them with complete disregard. It may be too late to rescue his new elite, progressive, programming from tumbling into the pit of lies the NBC team has been caught in. Unless he calls on Russert to explain why his court testimony differs from his FBI testimony. Or why he lied about even talking to the FBI without counsel when he interviewed Robert Novak about Plame-gate on his hot air filled Sunday morning show.

Imus knows Andrea Mitchell is trying to make her statements about “covert agent” Plame go away. Will he chamber his mouth and blast her for it live on the air? Tough call.

But for me this gets better. I think Libby, who has committed no crime, will be found guilty by any DC jury. This will lead to an appeal by Libby and that appeal will hinge partly on the inability of his defense team, because of the judge, to grill the NBC media stars about when they found out about the secret agent that wasn't.

A second bite at the peacock. That will be as entertaining as watching Imus try to get out of this mess.