Cong. Duncan Hunter Stumps in NH

I had the opportunity Monday to interview Presidential candidate California Congressman Duncan Hunter for our NHTR Radio Program.

You may hear that talk radio is dead in NH. That may be true if it is liberal talk radio but the good old fashioned entertaining type is still around.

Karen Testerman of Cornerstone Policy Research and I spoke with Congressman Duncan Hunter at the Concord station WKXL after he was interviewed by their own reporter. Karen and I had a copy of our interview burned for our respective programs, The Cornerstone Program on WDER in Derry, and NHTR on WLMW in Amherst. Half way through our interview Congressman Hunter called in to WRKO in Boston and did a live piece with Howie Carr.

I find Congressman Hunter to be a refreshing alternative to some of the top tier candidates the news media are fond of highlighting. There is no “evolving” going on with Duncan Hunter. His history is etched in deeds.

He is and has always been 100% pro-life.

Married 33 years to his wife Lynn, they have two sons.

Served in Viet Nam in the 75th Army Rangers and says so humbly.

Lawyered in poor Hispanic area of San Diego before being elected to the US House in a two to one Democrat district.

He has served on the House Armed Services Committee for all of that time.

Defends the Second Amendment. (I should mention he shoots a Ruger Model 77 like I do)

Where does he stand on Iraq and the war on terror? Win it!

His eldest son Duncan Duane served with the US Marines in Fallujia for two years. That would give him a unique understanding of the issue I would say.

Congressman Duncan Hunter is for:

Securing our borders. He is responsible for the 59 miles of fence that protects San Diego from illegal immigration that was swarming across the border there. His efforts also produced the legislation and funding for the rest of the border protection right through to the Gulf of Mexico.

Protecting American jobs from unfair foreign trade and keeping companies that manufacture vital military materials on our own shores.

He is working to get some type of pardon for the two US Border Agents who were convicted of wounding a Mexican drug runner who was smuggling 700 lbs of illegal drugs over our border. They were given sentences way beyond the norm in this case. It is an appalling situation they are caught in.

NH voters who do not take the time to talk to and encourage the good solid conservative candidates who are coming to NH are missing out.

Congressman Hunter is a very approachable, affable, candidate. Look him up on his web site at: and check his 24 campaign positions.

Ed Naile


The Coalition of NH Taxpayers