Impeachment - So Close Yet So Far Away

The closing arguments in the Scooter Libby trial are still hanging in the air and the jury will soon have a chance to decide who had a bad memory or not, as well as whom should be found guilty in this political trial.

A few revealing trial moments to look back at are, I believe, the way “Judge' Walton allowed individuals on the jury to ask written questions during the trial. That sounds fair enough.

But “Judge” Walton was the one to decided which questions passed muster by throwing out ones he thought inappropriate. He threw out a very significant one.

"Was Valerie Plame a covert CIA agent?" asked the jury.

According to reporter Byron York who is reporting from the trial, here is Walton's position on that question:

“Walton told the jurors: "What Mrs. Wilson's status was at the CIA, whether it was covert or not covert, is not something that you're going to hear any evidence presented to you on in this trial.

"Whether she was, or whether she was not, covert is not relevant to the issues you have to decide in this case," he said.”

Kind of odd isn't it? The jury never gets to know if this pencil pusher was 007.

And all because the “judge” in this kangaroo trial refused to let jurists know this simple fact, even though he let them ask written questions.  This is the supposed reason for lying.

Once again, I hope Libby is found guilty and we can clear this up in a real trial in a different court where NBC employees Russert and Mitchell are forced to answer real questions under oath.

And in peril of perjury.

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