An Eye Full Of Iris

Einstein's definition of madness is said to be: doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Funny. I thought that was the perfect definition of fishing, as in dragging a Mepps until the chrome peals off. In that case, label me guilty.

And in another clear cut case of over doing something over and over again I have to point out that this is my 200th article for NHinsider. Not something I aspired for – just a case of random bad weather and an occasional “I can't sleep” combined with what comes through my email.

Here is some new stuff that popped up on the screen.

Governor Lynch has a real bad idea that forcing to stay students in school until they are 18 is good for NH. That is not so. It is an unworkable, one size fits all scheme that slaps home schoolers right in the face.

And so did the Chairperson of the Senate Committee hearing this bill Tuesday. Her name is Iris Estabrook. She is a ticking time boob of nastiness and elitism. And as you could have guessed a huge supporter of government controlled schools.

She got off on, an off to, a good start at showing the public why getting your kids out of a government school, asap, may be a good idea, for people who care about education, by running the “public hearing” on SB18 like a power hungry egomaniac.

Here is a sample of one of about a dozen emails I got from a people who wanted to speak at the hearing:

“I agree the proceedings were really a disgrace and a sham. Senator Estabrook's conduct was deplorable. John Simmons was chided, rushed and harassed by Estabrook then rebuffed when he tried to complain about how little time was being given to the "public". When I spoke I submitted a mountain of written testimony and references to save time, then when attempting to make five concise summary points was rushed along at every turn. The body language was also incredible. Bill supporters who spoke faced a friendly, patient, smiling, almost reclining Madam Chair nodding in rapt agreement. When Rep. Joe Guthrie was allowed to speak by accident, she nearly fell off her Chair, leaned forward with a scowl and blurted ,"I thought you were a supporter!!" She then scolded him and rushed him along. She was slightly more graceful with Nathan Greenberg, the Londonderry Superintendent.


I compiled names of attendees (attached). The last column flags all Senators, Reps and those in The System (my best guess). Everyone else then represents the "public", 15 of 18 opposing the bill, 11 of 28 in favor. Using this accounting, only two people from the "public" actually spoke at the hearing.”

What I noticed about the hearing was not the antics of Estabrook, but who was AT the hearing.

In the back of the room, quietly taking in all the examples of bad behavior were home school students. They got an eye full of how our system works as well as the type of people who are running it.

This is where our conservative activists come from. These young people learned a real lesson from Estabrook and will in their ever increasing numbers and better educated fashion, alter education in the future.

They want no part of this circus Iris Estabrook gets her power trip from. Their children will not be part of it either.

All they want is a good education. And Governor Lynch should let them alone so they can achieve it.

Just another thought:

Why do we insist on calling a hearing on a piece of legislation a “public hearing”?

The PUBLIC hardly gets a chance to speak. If they do it is LAST. After all the elected officials and lobbyists the committees cater to – and long after the meters have run out, are finished rambling on.

Good luck! Half the committee is usually gone and the ones remaining are clock-gazing.