Teacher May I ?

So let me get this straight.

“Governor Protect The Children”, daddy to our collective NH family, wants every little child to sit in their government school seat until they are 18 years old.

But on the other hand he wants all the young ladies old enough to find Planned Parenthood's Corporate Abortion mill to be able to park their Big Wheel and trot inside for a “tiny little medical procedure” without those pesky parents finding out.

So I assume you can get a day off school to get an abortion under this new Lynch plan?.

Who writes the note? What would it look like?

Dear Teacher:

Please let my neighbor's daughter have tomorrow off her 10th grade Home Economic class so she can go to Planned Parenthood. She said her friends will pick her up when she gets off the bus. They are the kids down the street that party with us on occasion. I will check on her after I get back from the Bruins game in Boston.


Dear Teecher: Can the three of us, Amanda, Kelsy, and Britney have tomorrow off to go to the dockters. Kelsy is having a bad time at home and we are going to help her. She said she reelly needs us ther.

Amanda and Britney

Dear Teacher:

A friend of mine, Kim, is a student in your class. We hang out and talk a lot even though I am a bit older. She is quite a mature young lady. But as a friend I have to ask if you could excuse her tomorrow so we can figure out a way to get her out of this situation she is in. I think you understand.

Please keep this confidential if you will. It would only make thinks worse if her parents found out because they are very strict.

Don't worry, I will watch out for her.