Breakfast With Texas Cong. Ron Paul

I had about an hour and a half breakfast with Texas Congressman Ron Paul at the Merrimack Diner in Manchester yesterday morning. Some old friends from past campaigns were there as well. About a dozen of us. No press.

Congressman Ron Paul is legendary among many Libertarian-leaning Republican conservatives and Libertarians in general. He is a living, breathing, elected example of what our Founding Fathers had in mind for limited government. From speaking with him I think he realizes that the march FORWARD to the time in our past when US citizens had so much more freedom is going to be long one.

He seems to agree with what I believe could be the starting point of that return to less government, and that would be a financial crisis created by our dependence on foreign banks to float our economy. Many voters pay little attention to our dollar's value. The ones that do pay close attention to Congressman Paul.

Later in the day he was shown a grand evening at a private residence with about 150 people attending. It was set up with the help of one of our CNHT directors. You won't see much in the press about it, but 150 is quite a large crowd for a Congressman this early in the campaign. Enough to make some of his issues part of the debate on the Republican side, I would say.

Here are some of his core principals:

- Rights belong to individuals, not groups.

- Property should be owned by people, not government.

- All voluntary associations should be permissible -- economic and social.

- The government's monetary role is to maintain the integrity of the monetary unit, not participate in fraud.

- Government exists to protect liberty, not to redistribute wealth or to grant special privileges.

- The lives and actions of people are their own responsibility, not the government's.

Congressman Ron Paul is also pro-life and pro-family. Note that his pro-life stance includes ending capital punishment and unnecessary war.

He is for returning to the gold standard.

100% tax fighter! He gets awards consistently from national groups for his anti-tax/big government votes.

Congressman Paul holds an anti-intervention view of foreign military involvement with a provision for hunting down and dealing with terrorists on an individual level.

He is not your average US Congressman by any standard, and a close look at his votes will always stir an interesting debate.