Shea-Porter Rocks...

in her head?

The more I think about it, Congressman Carol Shea-Porter-Swett may have a point with her evolving Iraq positions! Really!

I have given some very serious thought to her “I support the troops but not the mission” scheme and have been dashed upon the rocks of her logic. It was like a beam of light hit me. Bam!

‘I would never stop spending money on the troops while they are there.” she says during the campaign. But now that she is pals with the likes of “Bribe-master” Jack Murtha the picture has changed. We CAN cut funding for troops in combat and not have dire consequences.

Now I have to publicly admit I too have some issues I feel could benefit from Shea-Porter-Swett-Pretzel-logic. Check these out:

I support old people and Social security – I really do. I just don't want to pay for it. It was a risky scheme when we went in with 30 people paying for one retiree. But now is a different story, two workers for every retiree, who knew that would happen? So on with the mission of federal retirement payments for people who went into the program – just cut the funding. We pull our money out – they put their money back in. Problem solved.

Count me in as a big, big supporter of helping people with expensive medical costs as well. I have a ton of sympathy for them. But Medicare? I feel we have spent enough already. What harm would be done if we just stopped tomorrow. If we stopped funding it and let the people themselves take over – well that would benefit everybody. We were tricked by liberal Democrats into creating Medicare and now is the time to get out.

Talk about helping children. I am “numero uno” in that regard amigo. And I feel the Federal Government is doing a great job. If only we didn't have to use valuable tax dollars to fund the department of education.

Now for the biggie. The reason all of us exist. Our commitment to the United Nations. Do I have to waste everyone's time repeating what a huuuuuge supporter of one world government I am? Didn't think so. But paying for it? Come on now. If we stopped sending all the money we do to the dashiki-draped, diaper-headed, bribe taking, con artists in New York's enclave of foreign spies it wouldn't hurt them a bit. The mission – I wholly, emphatically, unwaveringly support would carry on just fine. Mission yes – money no!

Now for more Shea-Porter-Logic quotes:

"We sent our soldiers on a mission that made no sense from the beginning," she said. "There were no Iraqis on the plane [referring to Sept. 11] and there were no [weapons of mass destruction]."

“Our nation was attacked by people in Afghanistan," she said. "We should be working even harder there to make sure our mission does not fail."

Facts: Of the 19 hijackers all but two were from Saudi Arabia. The other two were from Egypt and UAE.

Let's de-fund the war and pull out of Afghanistan now while we are de-funding the troops in Iraq. This is the “CHANGE” NH voters wanted last November.

Go for it Carol. I'm coming around to your way of feeling.

( Note* Writer uses the word “feeling” in place of “thinking” now that he is becoming more progressive.)