Bang, Bang, Your Gun Ban Is Dead

The Federal Appeals Court for DC overturned a gun ban in effect there since the mid 70's.

And they did it under the individual rights provision of the Second Amendment just like gun owners and real constitutional scholars have been contending for years was the intent of that amendment. Sweet! And about time. All the mantra from the left about only organized militias having second amendment rights is falling on deaf ears in the courts as well as the public.

Now, anti-civil rights groups can challenge this decision to the US Supreme Court and find out what the new majority thinks there. Good luck spending your Bradey and Soros money on a lost cause. Go for it!

But how will this decision effect the next presidential election? It looks like it could trim some of the uneasiness from the Second Amendment voters. You know, about half the male population of your non-public employee unions and a growing number of women.

Two of the “top three” Republican candidates, Guliani and Mitt Romney, have very shaky history with Second Amendment rights. Could this lighten their load with the gun vote?

This decision could expose what damage to the Constitution a left-wing president Clinton would do to the US Supreme given the slightest opportunity to appoint a left-wing activist. That should spur any gun owning Democrats leaning towards Clinton to wake up.

Want proof that this court decision could be even more of a loser for Clinton?

Has she even mentioned banning gun ownership or mandatory registration while out on her listening tour? I would argue she is “gun shy” of the gun issue. Or she could come out and condemn it. Not likely.

Right now, from a conservative perspective, protecting the country from terrorism is a big plus for Guliani with some conservatives who are willing to look the other way on some social issues because he would not abandon our country to Islamic extremists like Clinton surly would - if her hubby is any example of what havoc she would wreak.

Second Amendment issues are the number one issue with a sizable group of reliable voters. I do know that from belonging to several Second Amendment organizations over the years. The politics of individuals in those groups varies more than you would ever guess.

During the Republican Primary every “lower tier candidate” is way better than the top three regarding gun rights, considering McCain is a “maverick” who one never knows what compromise might look good to him after an election. As in McCain/Feingold.

Watching where gun owner voters go in the primary could prove interesting.