The Quiet Revolution

Just like last year, we are in the middle of a taxpayer revolt all across New Hampshire. The tax and spend crowd has had some minor success in several municipalities but it was with great effort by teacher union mass mailings.

The pulp media in our state has a fixed position on Town and School Meetings and cares more about who was elected than what was spent. It doesn't amount to much in the way of understanding what has just occurred state wide though.

Here is the short story.

Some towns lost bonds that were for things like libraries and school additions. But others spent large sums on things like fire trucks and road projects.

At CNHT we ask locals who come home from Town Meeting to analyze in detail what happened in their municipality and send it to us. I then forward it to the people on the CNHT “E-Blast” list for an up to the moment review of what is going on across the state.

Here is a sample from our contact in Hampstead:

Hampstead results (SB2 town and school)


$4,919,693.11 Budget (6.64% increase) defeated YES 717; NO 1234. Voters agreed with BudCom that the $22K Deliberative Session amendment by town employees to add another 1.5% COLA to the already approved 4% raise (2.5% matrix + 1.5% COLA) was not justified.

Police Station ($2,397,500 Bond) failed to gain 60% approval by 132 votes. YES 1,100; NO 951. Needed to pass 1,232. Actual YES 54%

Veterans exception increase to $500 from $300 passed YES 1,721; NO 279

Fire Dept article for $75, 000 for Capital Reserve lost YES 650; NO 1,303

Command Vehicle for Fire Dept.($40,000) lost YES 683; NO 1326

Parking lot for Rec Commission sports fields complex ($45,000) lost YES 906; NO 1,085

$25,000 to continue Cemetery expansion passed YES 1,217; NO 707

$100,000 for additional land purchases by Conservation Commission lost YES 623; NO 1,297

$25,000 to be added to $40,000 raised by Mothers Club for playground passed YES 1,183; NO 823



$21,081,161 Budget (1.3% increase) passed YES 1,164; NO 760


BOTTOM LINE: voters voted with their brains, not their hearts.

With this info we will keep track of what passed and WHY. Something the pulp media does not or will not do.

Example: Town votes for big capital improvement overwhelmingly.

Was it a bond issue or was it a capital reserve fund that had come to its last year of funding where the town only put aside the last appropriation for the total cost? The two votes in a municipality can mean different things. As can the turnout and margin of victory or defeat of a measure.

In any case, it looks like taxpayers made good decisions again this year.

Votes to rescind Senate Bill 2 were so poorly supported it doesn't bother mentioning EXCEPT that once the scare tactics against SB2 have been exposed in a town or especially a school, and SB2 adopted, there is little chance it will be reversed. The proof is in the votes.

We are very glad the moonbats had a chance to vote on intergalactic weather patterns and “The Pledge”. It kept them intoxicated with emotion and from messing up traditional local government too much.