Bong Hits For Buckley

Well it looks like the AP Wire Service reporter Beverly Wang was shopping for some new phone jamming news for page two of the Union Leader as well as for her friends in the Democrat Party.

When all of a sudden she got it. 

Right between the eyes.

Formerly convicted phone jamming conspiritor, James Tobin, had his 2005 conviction overturned by a Federal jury today. The same day Wang was ginning up a story about more investigations being needed regarding the 2002 phone jamming affair a jury says no criminal intent was found. 

Let's see, its 2007. Phone jamming was going to be  your 2008 Democrat campaign again guys?

Nice story Wang comes up with while the Buckley affair climbs out from under the rug  again on You Tube. Too bad real news dumped on her tired old angle.

What's Buckley's pal Distatso from the Manchester Paper going to do now? He lived the phone jamming case.

Maybe one of these ace reporters can tell us about the "lost until after the election political mail" suit in Superior Court. (prank) Or why the Governor's office was diverting calls they didn't want to NH Right To Life last month to jam their answering machine. (prank)

How about a few heartwarming stories from inside the Democrat Party Chairman's race.

How's that going? I hear Pee Wee Herman is interested.

Let's ask Hillary and all the other presidential candidates to comment some more.

These people put the free in freak show.