Phunding Phony

Governor Lynch's “Amendment” To The NH Constitution.

Fist of all you need to know THIS:

In all cases of education funding lawsuits words mean nothing. If this were not true there would be no education funding lawsuits to begin with. Its that simple.

So what is important is the perception of what is being voted on. That is all it comes down to. The parties that got us into this mess will interpret anything the way they want it to read. Taxpayers only need a snapshot of this crap shoot.

Here is Governor Lymp's amendment:

[Art.} 83-a [Funding of Public Education] In fulfillment of the duty to cherish public schools set forth in the preceding article, (83), the general court shall define and adequate eduction, regularly determine the total statewide cost thereof, fund with state monies, not less than fifty percent of the total statewide cost of an adequate education each year, and maintain standards of accountability. The general court shall have the authority to distribute the funds in the manner that it describes to best promote an equal opportunity for an adequate education for every child in the public schools, provided that the general court shall distribute some state aid to every district.

What the amendment does:

  1. Codifies into the NH Constitution an interpretation some of the old impeached justices made up and put there. That is the idea that “cherish” means to PAY for through broad based taxes re-distributed through Concord.

  2. Tasks the Legislature with defining something that is undefinable because it the right of local taxpayers to define. In effect, the amendment hands local schools over to lawyers, lobbyists, and special interests in Concord even more than they are now.

  3. Institutes an unavoidable income and sales tax to pay for ever escalating education costs at a rate set by Concord politicians.

  4. Sets an undetermined responsibility for the income and sales taxes that will be needed to cover billions in new state spending.

  5. Drags “Equity” back into and “Adequacy” suit so we can be sued more often..

  6. Only mentions “public” schools when the preceding articles states: “to cherish the interest of literature and the sciences, and all seminaries and public schools, to encourage private and public institutions...”

  7. Puts NH education spending on a sales and income tax revenue roller coaster.

  8. Gives Governor Do-Nothing temporary cover from the endless power grab by the activist court.

  9. Provides RHINO Republicans with way to “work with” the Democrats to bankrupt this state and ruin education.

  10. Creates a new office of “Lieutenant Governor” for education lawyer Andru Volisnki.

All in all I would say it is a perfect fit for a Governor who has us accumulating about a $150 million dollar deficit already. While we still have no handle on his rosy revenue estimates. Not bad Democrats! (And the print media who protect them!)

So THIS is the “CHANGE” you promised.