Trust Me I'm From The Government

Remember way back in November of 2006 when a breath of fresh air hit the polling booths all over NH and we threw the bums out?

Bad news. Tax and spend bums are in.

I don't remember hearing anyone campaigning on these issues:







AN ACT relative to state and local taxes.

SPONSORS: Rep. Hamm, Merr 4; Rep. Wells, Rock 8; Rep. Gould, Rock 5; Rep. K. Shaw, Hills 26; Rep. Mulholland, Graf 10

COMMITTEE: Ways and Means


This bill:

I. Taxes property which is not primary residential real estate at twice the rate of primary residential real estate under the local property tax.

II. Establishes a luxury sales and use tax on motor vehicles costing $30,000 or more and any item costing $10,000 or more.

III. Establishes a tax on entertainment admission charges.

IV. Establishes a tax on gambling winnings.

V. Expands the definition of tobacco products subject to the tobacco tax.

VI. Changes the method of calculating the beer tax to a method based on price rather than volume.

VII. Establishes a tax on estates exceeding $3,000,000, excluding certain farm property.

VIII. Establishes a payroll tax on businesses with payrolls exceeding $10,000 per week.

IX. Changes the rate of the statewide enhanced education tax.

X. Dedicates revenues from the taxes established in this bill to the education trust fund.


I hope you get the idea. These moonbats think your stupid.

So far, they are looking for any way to skim, steal, scrape, squeeze, or weasle every nickle out of your hide while they take every freedom they can think of  from the greedy, selfish, overfed, hosts they think the public is.

This is just ONE bill headed down the shute.

And the big secret is that our Governor was left with a $38 million dollare surplus and has buried us in debt already.

Thank your print media.

And the Democrat Party.