Moutha Fulla Flack

Remember the 2002 Congressional Campaign ad:

“Here comes Martha. Voting to bring an income tax to every town in new Hampshire. She's told you she'll fight unjust taxes, but the fact is, she voted in favor of creating the first income tax on new Hampshire workers. So, here comes Martha”.

There she was waddling down the street waving to the unsuspecting parade crowd as she ran for congress. Little did we know a similar moonbat would get the seat in 2006 and this one would wind up in the NH Senate but 2008 is right around the corner.

Congressman Jeb Bradley's add was never truer than it is today.


Here is Martha Fuller Clark today spinning the Constitutional Amendment ginned up by Governor Lynch:

“If the Legislature and the citizens defeat this amendment, they are saying the state should fund the full cost of education.” She went on to say, “That's a lot of money. No other state except Hawaii pays for all of it. If the Republicans block this, they're voting for a broad-based tax. That's what they accuse the Democrats of supporting.”

Darn right they will accuse the Liberal Democrats of supporting an income tax! Because its the truth!

Tax and spend Martha may not be the best sales machine for this scam.

Martha has voted for an income tax in several different versions FOUR TIMES!

Oh, but suddenly she doesn't want one and in fact wants to amend the NH Constitution to prevent one.

I'm not that stupid. Neither are over 60% of NH voters.

Bring on 2008.