Counting Chickens And Hatching Them

I get these smarmy comments on superbly written blogs by liberal/progressives about how they run this state now and will make it into Massachusetts as fast as possible.

But if this is true why do they propose legislation to steal elections with out of state voters. I mean facts are facts and polls are polls and from what I hear from tax and spenders New Hampshire has CHANGED and we are now all for an income and sales tax.

So why do we have Senate Bill 98 from Senator Burling floating around out there? This proposed bill strips any need for an out of state voter to show any identification.

Here is the text that SB98 will strip out of the current law RSA 654:12:

IV. Any person who is applying for registration as a voter and who is currently registered to vote in a different town or ward in New Hampshire shall complete the voter registration form provided for in RSA 654:7. If the election official receiving the application confirms through the centralized voter registration database required by RSA 654:45 that the applicant is currently registered to vote in New Hampshire, the applicant shall prove identity and domicile, but shall not be required to prove his or her age or citizenship.
    V. (a) The election official approving the application for registration as voter of a person who does not present an approved form of photo identification as proof of identity when registering, shall mark the voter registration form to indicate that no photo identification was presented. The person entering the voter information into the centralized voter registration database shall determine if the person is listed in the system as having been previously registered in the town or ward reported by the applicant on the voter registration form. If the person is a new registrant who has not been previously registered anywhere in New Hampshire or if the centralized voter registration database does not confirm a previous registration claimed on the voter registration form, the election official shall cause the record created in the centralized voter registration database to indicate that the person is a new applicant in New Hampshire and that no photo identification was presented. When municipalities enter information on people who register on election day into the centralized voter registration database, to the extent practical applicants who are registering for the first time in New Hampshire and who also register without presenting an approved photo identification shall be entered first.
       (b) The secretary of state shall cause a letter of identity verification to be mailed by first class mail to each voter identified at a state general election as a first-time election day registrant in New Hampshire who also did not verify his or her identity with an approved photo identification. The letter shall be mailed within 90 days after the general election. The secretary of state shall mark the envelope with instructions to the United States Post Office not to forward the letter and to provide address correction information. The letter shall notify the person that a person who was unable to present photo identification registered or registered and voted using his or her name and address and instruct the person to contact the attorney general immediately if he or she did not register and vote.
       © The secretary of state shall cause any letters mailed pursuant to subparagraph (b) that are returned as undeliverable by the United States Post Office to be referred to the attorney general. Upon receipt of notice from a person who receives a letter of identity verification that the person did not register and vote, or upon receipt of a referral from the secretary of state, the attorney general shall cause an investigation to be made to determine whether fraudulent registration or voting occurred.

So if our AG's office, which does not prosecute voter fraud now, is allowed to continue this practice, the photo ID laws in place now that Senator Burling wants stripped out of the law really are almost a moot point.

This makes me think that the little extra effort to kill voter ID in this bill, which looks like it is designed to steal future elections, is in fact a shoddy attempts to encourage even more out of starts to vote here.

Vote stealing, tax and spend, kill parental notification, a Constitutional Income Tax Amendment, regulate, regulate, regulate.

This is the mandate for CHANGE the liberal Democrats take from the last election?