Scooter Libby - Guilty, Round One

Who would have ever guessed that would happen?

Wait! It was me back on February 13, 2007:

“But for me this gets better. I think Libby, who has committed no crime, will be found guilty by any DC jury. This will lead to an appeal by Libby and that appeal will hinge partly on the inability of his defense team, because of the judge, to grill the NBC media stars about when they found out about the secret agent that wasn't.”

Will Libby get an appeal based on the trial which was mis-managed by Judge Reggie Walton from the get-go? THAT will be the big question. I think it is possible based alone on the trial not addressing motive. The judge refused to allow the status of Valerie Plame's position as an office worker into the case. Of course he could not allow that fact in because it would have blown the MEDIA aspect of this political trial. If the general public ever finds out Ms. Plame is not a secret agent this prosecutor looks like Mike Nifong.

But like I said before. For me, a political trial and conviction of Scooter Libby is a strange opportunity to see the former lawyer for Marc Rich, the international criminal President Clinton pardoned in his last days in office, get dragged through the same criminal nightmare most often reserved exclusively for conservatives like Ollie North. Sometimes they feed on themselves is seems.

Did you notice: The 11 member jury, we find out, had a former Washington Post reporter and spy novel author named Dennis Collins on it. Now THAT sounds like an impartial guy.

I wondered why it took nine days to come to the preordained verdict. Were they waiting for Anna Nicole Smith to be buried so they could grab the biggest headlines? Let's see how long Mr. Collins takes to write a novel about his jury duty.