This Is What Real Voters Want

House Bill 553 (I love this one!)

This bill requires the state to pay legal fees for certain supreme court justices as a result of claims they were subjected to, and prevailed as to, involved in impeachment proceedings initiated by the legislature. The bill makes an appropriation for such payment.

Break it down you ask? Will do!

This bill will pay the legal fees of the NH State Supreme court Justices who were involved in the "historic" impeachment scandal a few years back.

For those of you with short memories or who just moved here to get away from crooked politicians and judges, here is a brief review.

One former NH State Supreme Court Justice, Steven Thayer, a high quality learned man, was in the process of divorcing his wife Judy, an acquaintance of mine.

In the process of dumping Judy, Steven Thayer found himself caught in a dilemma. It looked like a
hanging judge' was going to be involved in the pending case, so naturally, Justice Thayer wandered into the Clerks office and wondered aloud if it wouldn't be possible to have this judge replaced with a more "sympathetic" judge.

As it turns out, the request wandered around a bit and landed on the desk of our then Chief Justice William Brock. Brock seems to have made a move or two towards taking care this simple task for Justice Thayer when onto the stage leaps the only honest man in the group, the Court Clerk, who brought the issue to the public eye.

The House investigated and overwhelmingly IMPEACHED Justice Brock. Justice Brock was not removed from office by the NH Senate because much to NH's shame, voters had put a majority of Democrats with lawyer friends and husbands in the NH Senate. the Senate voted to let the weasel go. But he was IMPEACHED.

The other Justices were not impeached but had a hard time explaining their lack of ability to understand that they were doing something wrong. Typical for lawyers.

Now I now one thing for sure. You want a campaign issue. Let voters know we paid weasel lawyers for weasel judges with $660,000.00 of tax dollars and see what they think.

Then ask this question:

What does this say about the new Democrats and women's rights? We know Democrats beleive in lawyer rights.

Woman's rights. Isn't that a Democrat issue? Here is how it plays out in the real world - not the perception of women's rights the Democrats want you to believe.

NH State Supreme Court Judge tries to fix his divorce by selecting favorable judge.

Other Supreme Court Justices DON'T EVEN FLINCH when they find out!

The COURT CLERK has to step up to the plate and do the right thing.

The justices wife has to depend on a volunteer attorney who is not even a member of the NH Bar.

Republican US Senator Bob Smith comes to the trial and sits with Mrs. Thayer for support.

The Republican House IMPEACHES the Chief Justice.

The Democrat Senate lets him go free.

The NH House repeatedly turns down requests to pay the discredited judges legal fees for a criminal act.

As soon as Democrats take the House they pass a bill to pay the weasel judges legal fees.

That's women's rights according to liberal Democrats for ya.

Go put some ice on it.