Race Pimps Take Out Imus

They deserve each other.

The Left had great fun with "Macaca" and Senator George Allen of Virginia. He lost his election as the race pimps scored big time with his racist joke/blunder/mistake - whatever. Nowadays in slash and burn politics what works is fair game. Right? Along with false charges of stock manipulation it was enough to get a liberal in that Senate seat. So our good friends in the Democrat Party now have a gun toting, shoot from the lip liberal, in office. Good for them.

But to use the race card to remove Don Imus? What is the left thinking - excuse me, - FEELING.

The Imus Show was a liberal's dream. It was the only successful liberal radio program on the air. Imus fawned over liberal candidates. He allowed all sorts of Democrats and their media allies on his program and never treated them to the disdain he did conservatives. Democrats and media elites had a guaranteed safe landing on the Imus Show every morning.

But now you have two race mongering media pimps in Sharpton and Jackson scaring sponsors into dropping ads from the Imus Show. It this clear thinking on the Left's part or are Sharpton and Jackson not reading the 2008 playbook? I think the latter is true.

First of all, most of Don Imus's listeners were liberals. You can tell by the paltry ratings he generated, like all liberal radio and cable TV. So it was a certain segment of liberals who delighted in listening to Imus.

Therefore, as liberal tactics go, anything a liberal does is fine with them as long as they are on the "team". Imus has not strayed from his format - Sharpton and Jackson have taken advantage of Imus!

Warning to libs who don't come out now and defend Imus:

This guy has been censured before since his start in the 60's and has come back even stronger. He is your only talent in liberal radio and he holds a grudge. In fact, a good solid grudge is what makes him tick.

So if I were a liberal, wondering what to do about this whole dust-up, take a hint from Republican Senator John McCain, a liberal; start sucking up to Imus now before it's too late.