Democrats Want To Replace State Motto

I have my TOP TEN suggestions:

Democrats answer to the old fashioned Live Free Or Die motto.

"Welcome To Vermontsachusetts"

"New Hampshire - The Income Tax State"

"Live Free of Freedom or Die"

"Gay Marriage - Heck, We Want Bisexual Civil Threesomes"

“Hello NH, Drop That Oreo And Hang On To Your Balloon”

"Ohio Is The Buckeye State – We’re The Buckley State"

“Welcome To New Hampshire - Do YOU Believe Steve Vallaincourt?”

“THE NH ADVANTAGE – Who Needs That”

“New Hampshire, Come Visit, And Vote Often”

"NH - Seat Belts AND A Booster Seat For Our Governor"

“First In The Nation - Not So Much”

“NH, Where We Elect Democrats Every 96 Years”

"New Hampshire 2007 = New Jersey Light"

"Come Home To NH - Your Loss Is Our Gain"