Some Observations

It will still be a while until we find out what really went on at Virginia Tech but from what I know now I would say that the lunatic who killed 30 people would have done the same thing, with more or less damage depending on the situation if any of the following ever happened to him:

He had a beef with a town over zoning, was involved in a nasty divorce, or had a job where he was under pressure from fellow workers, as in US Post Office.

Being this was a college campus at which the murders took place, I noticed several interesting things.

It took two hours for the school to establish what was going on and notify students with an email that a killer was loose with a gun on campus. But on the other hand, the college had a made for national television convocation ready the next day with testimonials from all sorts of people.

So it looks like the school is good at expressing itself but not defending its students. Even with a sizable amount of overweight security people hiding behind trees with AR15 rifles and assorted SWAT hardware.

Maybe, if it is true that violent video games spur people to violence, as many so-called professional studies claim, there may now be a market for fast action video games about how to defend yourself. Suggetsed titel: Lone Gunman Gets His Ass Kicked. Violent self defense entertainment videos could even be mandatory courses for freshmen. Most college campuses have anti-sexual harassment indoctrination programs students must participate in. (I know the USPS does.)

If you haven't noticed - airline passengers get the message. They have stomped several potential hijackers into oblivion since 911. I heard on one program that many students sat in shock as others in the room were being executed. One heroic professor did block a door with his own body before he was killed. But he was a product of a different era.

The in place anti-Second Amendment industry will raise a few bucks over this loner lunatic using handguns to murder on such a large scale but it is looking more and more like the school had quite a bit of warning that this guy was disturbed and could have been removed from the school at the very least.