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Press Releases

04/20/07 Governor and FEMA Administrator Inspect Flooded Areas As Preliminary Damage Assessment Is Underway
04/20/07 Donations Now Being Accepted for New Hampshire Disaster Relief Fund
04/19/07 Governor Lynch Declares Day of Mourning At Request of Virginia Governor

What? Something missing you say. Where is his nationally recognized sudden support for homosexual marriage?

I see the standard flood photo op he is famous for. Many New Hampshire citizens automatically yell "Howdy Guvnah" when they see anyone under 5'6" in a yellow rain slicker.

But where is the slickest move he has pulled on voters so far? Where is his magical conversion to homosexual marriage statement from April 19 on his web site?

I have some other statements from Governor Lynch I dug out of his web site. Here are another couple of knee slappers from his 2005 inaugural address:

"I will present such a school-funding plan and I will work with all of you for a fair and lasting solution. I do not care who gets the credit, and neither do the people of New Hampshire. They just want this solved. And it is up to all of us to live up to that responsibility -- this year." (January 2005)

"And let me be clear: I will veto an income or sales tax." (Sorry, no longer believe that one either)