Partial Birth Abortion and the Death Penalty

Following the debate regarding partial birth abortion I have had an epiphany. I have had epiphanies before. Malox clears most of them up but this one was different.

Here is my new take on PBA. I done seen da light!

An abortion is, according to some past US Supreme Court, a medical procedure. Except this medical procedure is deemed a basic Constitutional Right to cure a disease some women get.

OK follow me.

Partial Birth Abortion is TECHNICALLY a regular run of the mill abortion except that the "mass of human tissue" in this case could, except for being inconveniently in a womb; breath, see, smile, kick its feet, scream, and feel pain.

And just so mom and her "doctor" don't have to put up with all the unpleasantness of hearing or seeing the mass of tissue do all that the doctor stabs the mass of tissue in the head, while it is inside the womb and sucks its life out into the trash.

But wait! Technically the operation is carried out INSIDE the womb so all is legal, fair, and square in legalese you might say.

So how about I use this same type of technicality for something I support. Just play along like the press and our court system do.

Say you have a murderer in prison for life. Let's call it Life in Prison or, LIP.

Well, if you gave that murderer a lethal injection WHILE HE WAS IN THE PRISON wouldn't it be LIP?

His life ended in prison - Life in Prison. Get it. LIP = RIP.

And the beauty of this technicality is that it mirrors PBA, only in reverse.

Of course we could stab the guy in the head and suck his brains out and make it a perfect example of PBA but that would be too harsh don't you think?

I'm like'n this plan already. A CONSERVATIVE legal technicality.

And the fun part: it would only take the votes of five people in black robes to get it done.

Now that's Democracy!