How About We Drop the Charade, Not Tourism

Come to New Hampshire to do some candidate-watching! "Sort of like moose-spotting except you don't have to get up so early.", so says the Division of Travel and Tourism.

Great idea, I think. We let non-residents vote here. Why not take their tourist dollars.

But Secretary of State, Willam Gardner, wants nothing of it. He says it would diminish the seriousness of the First in the Nation Primary and make it harder to keep it here. Or is this a self-serving move to stay on as one of the most watched Secretaries of State in the nation?

What if the rest of the nation discovered that NH college students and crosss-border voters are really the ones deciding who is going to win the NH Primary and NOT NH resident voters? Would that be a help Mr. Gardner?

What a farce! The primary brings millions into the state and we all know it.

And if it isn't about money Mr. Gardner you sure soaked up the millions in federal dollars for HAVA for your centralized voter data base.

Which you sell, if I am not mistaken.

Our Election Law Committee is working hand in glove with our new Democrat majority in the Statehouse to make it easier for non-residents to vote and harder for CMHT to track. That is a fact. Check last year's HB 391. No longer do same day registrants have to give any information about who they are.

Watch the next elections come down to who can stay on a campus longer than the next guy. Just like Shaheen used to do. Spend the last few hours going college to college.

What a bunch of frauds.

We don't deserve the Primary any longer and won't until we prosecute voter fraud like other states do.