Grim Liberal Reality

This Virginia tech thing has me thinking.

If the school is so adamant about preserving strict gun control regulations and protective of its lunatic students who are a menace to society (Thanks ACLU!) then it seems there is a sensible compromise in order.

Here is my logical compromise using what I know of liberals/progressives/academics.

For people who don't like guns the Virginia Tech school administration certainly had an army of campus security, police, SWAT paramilitary, and all sorts of marshals and sheriffs loaded down with any number of scary assault weapons during the one man siege of the school.

The local police army was totally ineffective at controlling the single nutcase killer, from what I have read in the news about the incident.

So why not admit what doesn't work and start from scratch? Have a no gun at all policy on campus. No bad guns for anyone.

You have to admit, the bad guns the lunatic loner student with the acne problem had were much less scary looking than the weapons the police brought on campus. This must have put an awesome fright into the zombie-like students who wandered through and around the violence.

My simple liberal solution is this:

Abolish campus security altogether. Then take the savings from that waste of money and INVEST it in more counselling!

This plan of mine would work for perfectly for any liberal college.

It would work for rape and assault as well. You would have adequate resources to counsel the raper as well as the raped.

With robbery and burglary counsellors could talk to victims about why it is actually good share possessions with disadvantaged people who have not been treated fairly in life's lottery and who have been downtrodden in our greedy, capitalist society.

This is "sort of" the murderer's own point about what he called the VT rich kids. I like to use the phrase "sort of" in articles about college students because "sort of" and "like" make up about 70% of their vocabulary.

Consider it my way of reaching out to young people bettering themselves through higher education.

Well that is my simple, no-nonsense plan for student safety at Virginia Tech. I think it would have achieved at least the same results at what the college administration put together, plus it is even more politically correct.

How can you not like that.