If It Makes You Crappy

Warning. Don't shake hands with this chick!

Cheryl Crow, environmental activist and songstress, has a bold and somewhat dangerous plan for saving our Earth.

Use one piece of bathroom tissue "per project".

As any bean-counting, environmental scientist (an oxymoron) can show you with five a dollar pocket calculator, we are simply plugging up our universe with too much of what much of the rest of the world doesn't even know exists - toilet paper.

Back when socialists were domestic policy and economic experts they were a bit dull.

But these new "Green" socialists, now they are chock full of sensible ideas like this one. And the benefits of Cheryl Crow's new potty plan extend far beyond what most of us imagine.

More closet space!

No longer will the large economy size package of toilet paper take up room in my humble house.

According to Ms. Crow I can keep a weeks supply in my wallet.