Ready, Aim, Fire That Attorney

US Senator James Webb’s aid has charges of transporting loaded pistol into the US Capitol complex dropped.

Newly elected liberal Democrat James Webb of Virginia was handsomely rewarded for not answering questions of the Capitol Police as to who’s loaded gun and three clips of ammunition the Senator’s aid was carrying onto government property, the Russell Senate Office Building.

So US Senator James Webb technically didn't’t have to lie to the capitol police, he just refused to answer. And for a Democrat that is a smart move. This new Democrat controlled Senate has some sharp people in it and Senator James Webb certainly is one of them. Refusing to answer is always better than lying.

Well, almost.

While Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is being hammered in the main street media for not answering loaded questions from US Senators about his legal right to terminate US Attorney’s under his control, Senator Webb skates on a gun charge by refusing to tell police who’s gun it was his aid was sneaking into the Senate building.

I see a bright future for the prosecutor, US Attorney Jeff Taylor, who dropped the charges against Webb’s aid. Taylor was appointed by Alberto Gonzales to be his DC Attorney back in Sept of 06.

Taylor could press the gun charges against Webb’s aid and go for a conviction, with US Senator Webb having to take the stand and plead the Fifth about the mystery gun. But Taylor doesn't’t have the guts for a show trial like the ones the Democrats are currently showboating for the all-consuming 2008 campaign they are running now.

If the Democrats do win in 08 you can bet Attorney Taylor will be the first to go when Democrats fire every attorney appointed during the Bush administration.

This is the bipartisan “CHANGE” Americans voted for last November.