Achtun Buckley Baby!

So special rights for a minority now extends to NH Senator Foster taking orders from Democrat Party Boy Rabo Buckley as to how to run a Senate hearing, who should talk, and when?

The Nashua Telegraph reporter who exposed the secret email between Buckley and Senator (I use the term loosely now) Foster, telling the fraud of an elected official how to run the homosexual marriage bill hearing shows why it is a waste of time to testify in rigged hearings in Concord -since the liberal Dems took over and began running NH in a "bipartisan" manner. Get ready to vote them out in 2008 instead!

Welcome to Democrat "CHANGE". Or thugocracy as I like to call it.

If you like the secret little deals the Democrat Party Boy Chair Ray Buckley is making with the phony State Senate Judicial Committee regarding homosexual marriage stay tuned for more.

You will love the income tax deals going on right now with Governor Lynch's CARC 18, the Governor's income tax amendment.

Trust a liberal - get screwed.

Nothing has "CHANGED" since before the November elections except now we know exactly who and what they are.