Chalk One Up For Canukistan

Here is a knee slapper for ya.

Greenfield officials stumbled across a Canadian voting in the last election there, locals tell me. I have been calling the Supervisor of the Checklist to no avail. Her answering machine is all I get so I am short the name and residence so far.

I was told the Canadian citizen voted and then upon questioning by officials it was revealed she had not been naturalized as a US citizen even though she was in town.

Now I know all you voter fraud proponents will be upset that a person who just wanted to vote was denied her constitutional rights and all that mumbo jumbo but I still think it is unfair to let people from other countries vote in NH elections.

Call me cranky but I have a good reason for not letting foreigners vote in town elections.

Even though it was only ONE Canadian this time, when you add her to the other regular voters from out of state you really are starting to look suspicious.

Question: If a twenty year school construction bond passes in a town in NH by one Canadian vote does that mean we have to teach French in that school?

I think I'll ask Assistant AG Bud Fitch and Secretary of State Bill Gardner when I see them. They keep good track of all this technical stuff.