What Do I Know

With Barak Fitzgerald Obama sneaking up on Princess Hillary by raising almost as much cash as she has but from TWICE AS MANY DONORS, it makes one take pause.

First, since a Clinton is involved, can you believe any filing she submits. Let’s get that out of the way.

Second. How far can this upstart rock star be allowed to go before the brakes are put on his campaign by the Clinton machine? And if this goes on too long can the news media be counted on to help Hillary out? After all, she was supposed to have this all sewn up and in her pantsuit back pocket by now.

The Hillary Rodham/Mrs. Bill Clinton campaign has bigger fish to fry than zeroing out this nobody Senator from nowhere. Thirty years of planning for the first female Socialist Workers Party president isn’t going to waste simply because leftwing moonbats are energized about Iraq.

Hillary can play both sides of the Iraq war, pro and con when the need arises. But Barak Fitzgerald Obama is a Johnny one note, always has been against the war, flash in the pan.
Doesn’t he know how Washington works?

Here is how Washington works.

Her Highness has a polling problem. At least 50% of Americans hate her guts. So what we need to pull off a Clinton II Reign of Terror is…

a willing third party candidate - not a real Democrat/Socialist primary.