Ramar Romney Of The Jungle

Governor Romney is taking flack for his past hunting prowess. This must mean his top tier status in the Republican Primary is blossoming. Tomatoes fly aplenty depending on poll numbers.

Much to do about hunting?

Mitt Romney hasn't "hunted" in years so he is not a full fledged "hunter"?

This rat vs. rabbit vs. quail hunting dust-up doesn't have much to do with the Second Amendment and THAT is the critical issue. In any case, he couldn't look more like a "campaign" hunter than John Fitzgerald Kerry did when he said during his last (hopefully) campaign that he "crawled on his belly" with a shotgun hunting deer in his youth in New England.

Hunting season - dry leaves - crawling - why not bring a brass band along. Idaho for Mulies with a rifle maybe. Sorry John - not buying it.

I could care less if Mitt Romney went rat shooting at the dump or paid for a first class quail hunt. This hunting revalation comes off as curious maybe to Washington insiders who are looking for his blood is all.

Maybe Mitt Romney is not as comfortable as say Rep. Duncan Hunter (no pun intended) is about hunting. I was talking to candidate Duncan Hunter and we found we both shoot the same model Ruger (NH product!) but different calibers. Same with candidate, Gov. Tommy Thompson who listed off how many firearms he has to some of us at a dinner last week.

How does Mitt Romney stack up in real anti-gun legislation in Massachusetts? That is what I care about.

Take time to talk to a "gun nut" and you will find out how difficult it is to nail down a single position every Second Amendment voter can accept when it comes to legislation.

In Ma. I understand then Governor Romney signed anti-gun legislation. So my questions are:

Did he PROPOSE bad legislation or was it written by his opponents?

Was it the lesser of two evils legislation or a compromise made by the parties involved? The Governor could have signed a piece of legislation that was a deal between the gun groups and anti-second amendment legislators.

I have been involved with gun clubs since I was 15 and shot at a range in competition. And I have been on the Board of Directors of several gun groups.

The stand Mitt Romney takes on my Second Amendment rights are what is important to me. If he found the good sense to understand, support, and stick with the Constitution Part Two he should stick to talking about that.

Hunting stories are fun and games for the press but I doubt any major media types have ever made a groundhog's tail stick straight up at two hundred yards with a 243 so I could care less.