Ray Buckley's Bunker Busted By Bad Boy

You Tube presents an Insider’s look at NH politics I could have only imagined a while ago. Just Google "You Tube" and type "Ray Buckley" for the fourth installment of:

‘Hats off to the new Democrat Party Chair - Your Worth All This.’

It looks like from this short one minute and thirty eight second film that Rep. (No Particular Party) Steve Vallaincourt has Kamakazi-paparazzied one hapless Manchester paper “reporters” in THE BUNKER.

THE BUNKER for you neophytes is Room 116 in the State House where we the stupid taxpayers let the mews media have desks, tables, phone lines, chairs, and quick access to what is going on in Concord – no matter what they report.

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers PAYS RENT for our offices in Rooms 2 and 8 at 136 North Main. I am not sure what the deal is with the news media having a place in the State House where space is in short supply but whatever the deal is it should end.

Especially after the performance of the Manchester Paper reporter Rep. Vallaincourt taped for You Tube. I have to hand it to Rep. Steve he hit every button. He chased the reporter around the desk, around THE BUNKER, down the hallway, back into the BUNKER and around the desk some more, all the while asking the same question: “Will you ask Chairman Buckley to take a lie detector test?” The reporter even tried to lock Steve out of THE BUNKER!

I have no idea if there is any legal way to have Ray Buckley take a polygraph test now that he has been totally, permanently, unequivocally, and forever, found by our Manchester Police to have no connection whatsoever, under any circumstances, means, electronic, paper, magazine, pigeon messenger or smoke signal, to kiddy porn as was alleged by Rep. Steve Vallaincourt who was Ray Buckley’s landlord for 16 years. But you have to hand it to Steve for adding this video to You Tube.

Pulp Media Meets You Tube. Who’d a thunk it would be so enlightening.

There is Rep. Vallaincourt in the bowels of THE BUNKER – also known as The John Lynch Campaign Headquarters, turning the tables on the once high and mighty Major Media of New Hampshire.

I think an endless spool of this clip is destined for our taxpayer activist training seminars.