Street Justice

So the last election we had was about homosexual marriage and seat belts. Coulda fooled me! I thought it was about "CHANGE".

But then when we vote in November of 2008 EVERYONE will be looking for "CHANGE". Bipartisanship and working together will finally be accomplished.

Until then.

If you don't like the mandatory seatbelt law for "adults" the Democrats so hopelessly cherish, we have a New Hampshire Advantage.

Just let your local law enforcement officers know that as soon as you hear that one single person in your town has paid a $50.00 fine for not wearing a seatbelt, you will never again vote for a Police Department budget, pay raise, warrant article for a new cruiser, or construction bond until the law is repealed.

It is that simple.

Welcome to New Hampshire. It will only take a small amount of angry voters to tip a bond vote or most warrant articles.

I think the local police and legislature will understand - its the law.