Drive By Voting

Channel 9 News is doing a piece on non-residents from surrounding states that register their cars in NH for the tax and insurance benefits.

Are they sure they want to do this?

Several years ago Maine issued over 300 citations to Mainers who registered cars in NH. The story was out of Kittery, Maine. I went there to get the names so I could cross reference to NH voter lists.

No dice! The Kittery police would not give me the names of Maine residents they cited for illegal registrations. It would have made my job of exposing this type of NH voter fraud a lot easier. But, alas, I still have arrest records in college towns to work with. They always come through for us.

Channel 9 is a different story though – home turf and all.

I imagine Channel 9 will look at Salem NH where the Post Office has about five times the number of P.O. boxes as any other non-border town that size.

Do you think anyone from Ma. who already uses a NH P.O. box to cheat on car registration and insurance would pass up the chance to vote in our NH Primary?

I will ask for the names of the car tax cheats to match with the voter registration list in some of the surrounding towns and post the results here ASAP.

Some of the Democrat excuses for non-resident voting in NH you will hear from NH officials will be:

1. Car registration residency is different than voting residency.
2. We never saw any voter fraud in all of our investigations.
3. This is highly unusual - but not illegal.
4. After waiting a year to investigate we have determined the statute of limitations has run out.
5. Who cares - so what.
6. Exposing this will only deter voter turnout.

At least these are the favorites CNHT has heard in the past.