Don’t you love liberal arrogance? Its normal form comes across as snotty, condescending, and blissfully self-important.

State Representative “Big Apple” Bonnie Mitchell, most recently of Jaffrey, has a sample in its purest form for your review. It can be found at:

Bonnie Mitchell - Finally Civil Unions in NH

Big Apple Bonnie has one gem in her piece that really stands out. It states that she always thought the State motto “Live free or Die” was a SHAM and a PRETENSE. Here are Big Apple Bonnie’s own words:

“This is "Live Free or Die" New Hampshire we are talking about, not New York liberals or California Hollywoods. This is the New Hampshire that talks a lot about "Live Free or Die," which has always seemed to me to be more about being free to carry guns or not pay taxes. I really thought the "Live Free" part was a little bit of a sham and pretense. I was wrong.”

You may ask yourself why I did not factor in the part where she says she was wrong about our motto. I did. You need to read on to understand that line. Big Apple Bonnie thinks passing homosexual marriage is why NH is now the “Live Free or Die” state.

She probably believes that because homosexual marriage was never a campaign issue and emerged out of nowhere that it has always been the secret desire of every true NH voter.

As a matter of fact, Rep. Bonnie Mitchell herself appeared out of nowhere. Bonnie Mitchell was a carpetbagger from out of state that had not met the two year residency requirement to hold the office of State Representative in her first term but was allowed to take the seat from a true NH resident anyway. Now we find out she always thought “Live Free or Die” is a sham and a pretense.

If anyone would recognize a sham and a pretense Big Apple Bonnie should.