Do You Want That With Or Without Weenies?

Did you get a load of the Concord Monitor today?

Front page, above the fold, two vegan (vegetarian) gentlemen with a lip lock on each other. Don’t ya love it!

The boys are from out of state but were inspired to come here by Governor John Lynch’s “compassionate” homosexual marriage bill along with a pro-vegetarian message of “Hey, I don’t have any pants on”.

Peter Fitzpatrick 18, of some place down south, and Patrick Fitzpeter 29 of People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals in Virginia, kissed each other while promoting their “meatless” diet.

It seems Governor Lynch has job approval ratings of 113% in other parts of the good old USA as well. These guys had nothing but wonderful things to say about our state, now under Democrat control.

I don’t know if Governor Lynch or any other top Democrats offered the PETA boys a place to stay, or a free meal, but you can’t deny that the New-New Hampshire was good to them. People were friendly and the weather was perfect. And that was a big help for the pant-less, PETA-promoters.

The 18 year old PETA homosexual marriage proponent, Peter Fitzpatrick, was a tad skinny and looked like he needed a few fries and a shake to hide his very prominent ribs, but then you remember his message of how healthy and “sexy” a meatless diet is and say to yourself, “Heck some poor young girl is being spared!” and it all seems as though nature does have balance after all.

Bless those boys for coming up to NH to show support for Governor Lynch and I hope the New “Democrat” New Hampshire sees more of them.