Ross Perot Redux

NY "Republican" Mayor Bloomburg is outlining a NATIONAL enery policy, bless his billioniare soul.

Bloomie is a "moderate" Republican who used to be a Democrat. In reality he is a Democrat's Democrat. Not an unusual species in the Republican Party at all from my experience.

Then there is Republican Senator Chuck "Maverick" Hagel, a Bush basher from dawn to dusk - when the media klieg lights go out.

But which one will be the Independant to play the part of Perot?

Hillary Rodham Clinton Clinton Hillary has a name recognition problem. Over 50% of American voters dislike her.

That is called "high negatives" when its a Republican. So like her husband who never garnered 50% of the vote in a presidential campaign, HRCCH will certainly need a leg up (sorry, bad visual) to be annointed dictator.

My guess is that an "Independant" who can drain Republican votes will emerge in short order.

After that the only thing that will stop HRCCH is when her dear husband sabatoges her campaign himself so he doesn't become a footnote in Hillary history.