Sh..ty Manager

OK, so I’m obsessed with keeping tabs on municipal-kleptomaniacs. I’ll admit it.

And how does this obsession manifest itself? I just Google “Paul Beecher” and the internet blesses me over and over again. I feel like the monkey who gets a grape for pressing the right button in a laboratory test.

Here goes:

Paul Beecher was once in a position in NH that should be envied by any snake oil salesman with a lack of a conscience. He was the City Manager of Dover. WAS!

After having his realm upset by my taxpayer super-hero, now Dover City Councilor, David Scott, Mr. Big Shot City Manager and former New Hampshire Municipal Association President, escaped to Kingman, Arizona where he has settled in as their new city manager.

Kingman Arizona should assemble its best negotiators, pile some valuables in a chest, pick out some choice livestock, and if need be, nubile young ladies, and try with all sincerity to get David Scott to move to their once livable community before it is too late.

I suggest they give Mr. Scott a mallet and sharp stake and send him into the basement of Kingman City Hall where Mr. Beecher, I imagine, hangs upside down until dark. Dave knows the drill. He has done it here in Dover.

Lets get started as of May 2007.

It seems new Kingman City Manager Paul Beecher has angered a local developer so much the guy has dropped $2,400.00 on the town to buy, under their Arizona Right to Know Law, the e-mails passed between Beecher and his assistant. That is just one story. (Another part of it is that the NH Municipal Association is currently trying to destroy the NH RTKL. Surprise.)

I remember how much Beecher hated the NH Right to Know Law here when Dave Scott introduced it to him like a mailed fist.

Here is another Beecher story that may sound familiar.

City Manager Paul Beecher has some problems justifying the substantial pay raises he has doled out since taking roost in Kingman. No kidding! I don’t have ten pages to cover that issue here.

Oh, and City Manager Paul Beecher has a smidgen of a problem with his hand-picked and highly paid new development guru. Check this local news clip out:

“Economic Development Director Jeff Weir was hired out of Oro Valley, Ariz., by City Manager Paul Beecher in February of 2006. Since then he's built up potential for a freight center with Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad, he's talked about the thousands of jobs that a Wal-Mart distribution center would bring to Kingman, and he's worked on a strategic plan outlining Kingman's "hopes and aspirations" for bringing in high-paying jobs in the future.

None of these have materialized, Mayor Les Byram said last month, and on top of that, he said he'd received several complaints about Weir.”

And then we have the time honored bid rigging dilemma mentioned in the local Kingman news:

“Walker and Dunton aren't optimistic that Beecher will reject Rhodes' late bid, because they feel it was the city's intent from the beginning to sell the well sites to Rhodes.

"We strongly question whether Mr. Beecher will even consider our protest impartially, as his arrogance seems to indicate that the bid and our right to protest is a joke to him," the protest said "If the city code serves simply as a punch-line to the people charged with the responsibility of enforcing and following it, then throw the code out and close the doors of all of the courts in Kingman."

It seems though that in Arizona, Mr. Professional City Manager Beecher, has an unanticipated problem - besides the same old problems he has always had with his long career in municipal management. And this problem is a BIG one.

The local paper isn’t taking Beecher's side.

The local paper isn’t beating up on anyone who challenges Mr. Beecher.

The local paper is not Foster’s Daily Democrat. You remember them. The paper who’s ace political reporter just went to work for our oh so popular Governor, John Lynch, as his press boy.

Pity poor Mr. Beecher. No rump-swabbing by the local pulp mill. No newspaper to attack any taxpayer who catches on.

It’s a brave new world Mr. Beecher. You’re not in “Kansas City” any more. (Google that Beecher connection some time. It will be "enlightening".)