"CHANGE" In 2008...

Will be like a diaper.

On January 4, 2006 “Man of the People” NH State Representative, Fred King, single-handedly sponsored HB 1726. Or was that underhandedly? Lets see.

The bill Rep. King sponsored was one of the most popular bills with smart NH taxpayers because we loved to see it defeated every time it was brought up in the past. The past, as in, since several NH State Supreme Court Justices were dragged through the impeachment process after being caught messing around with the selection of a more favorable judge to hear the divorce appeal of one of their own. Nice stuff isn’t it? Are you paying attention ladies?

Flying solo on HB1726 in 2006, “Man of the People” State Representative, Fred King, lost his bid to snag some quick cash for his judge buddies.

And then the most fortunate of things happened. Democrats took over the House and Senate, making payoffs a top priority.

Bring on HB533 on Jan. 3, 2007 now that a breath of fresh, blue air is blowing through New Hampshire in the form of liberals in charge of the treasury. Oh happy day - if you happen to be a judge, or want someone you know to be one.

HB 533, which raises almost $90,000.00 for past legal fees for current State Supreme Court Justice Broderick, $474,000.00 for past, impeached, Chief Justice Brock, and a pittance of $30,000.00 for former Justice Horton, slides off to the various Finance Committee hearings where – you guessed it, Representative King voted for paying the former justices their impeachment fees.

Now pay close attention to this part of the story no one else will cover.

Rep. King DID NOT RECUSE himself from the votes on the Finance Committee where he sits, or in full House votes either. He just kept pushing and voting for this bill.

Remember how, besides trying to fix a divorce, NOT RECUSING themselves from some court cases involving friends is what landed several NH State Supreme Court Justices in trouble in the first place?

Here is the problem with Representative King pushing this impeachment payback deal:

Representative King’s son is Probate Judge David D. King of Coos County.

Or should I say WAS Probate Judge.

Suddenly, after 16 years as a one-day a week probate judge from a sparsely populated county, David King is appointed Chief Administrative Judge of the Probate Court, a full time position garnered over several other judges with more experience, and a five fold increase in pay!!

You probably guessed already who APPOINTS the chief Justice of the Probate court, right?

It’s our old pals on the State Supreme Court - as in Broderick and the $90,000.00 impeachment money.

I have some of the 1/3/07 press release by the NH State Supreme Court Communications Director, Laura Kiernan. (Laura Kiernan is an inside joke for us long time NH activists. She is real enough, but still a joke.) Here it is:

"David King has the life experience, energy, and vision to lead the Probate Court into the future," Chief Justice John T. Broderick Jr. said. "He understands that as a court system, we need to embrace change, and as an Administrative Judge, he will play an important role in achieving that goal," Broderick said.

See! “CHANGE” that’s what we are getting.

"CHANGE" is what the Democrats promised and we're getting it good and hard.

(Governor Lynch had to sign off on this as well. Don’t want to leave him out.)