Guess Who's Pushing Up Poppies!

Mullah Dadullah, that one-legged terrorist fullah.

Its spring in Afghanistan and the Taliban are getting their share of some really bad news. The big push to drive out the infidels has seen many of the Taliban become martyrs. Oh well.

Here is a clip of the typical news coming out of Afghanistan you may not hear on US networks. This from the AP on May 15, 2007 about a NATO air strike that killed 60 suspected Taliban and three commanders:

“Alizai said the air strike was based on "good information." He identified the regional commanders killed as Mullah Abdul Hakim, Mullah Abdul Manan and Mullah Zarif, and said bodies are still being removed from under the mud and rubble of the bombed compounds. “

“Good information” means some locals who have turned on the Taliban ratted them out. This happened just days after Mullah Dadullah got two bullets in the stomach and one in the hat for good measure.

I check Afghan for updates as to what is going on in Afghanistan. It carries news from several different overseas sources so there is a semblance of balance.

Mullah Dadullah, besides having a name you can remember, was a top ten Taliban commander who was famous for attacks on an opposition tribe in central Afghanistan, fighting Russian infidels as a teenager, and beheading his enemies by holding them upside down and cutting their throats. He was a murdering thug who was instrumental to Taliban success.

But when this many top commanders of a group of terrorists is lost, two things become clear.

The ability to keep operations, men, and equipment clandestine has been compromised, as will be the process of finding new people you can trust.

If we can keep our new Congress and the Democrat candidates for President from encouraging the Taliban to fight on there just may be more light at the end of this tunnel.