Governor Thompson In NH

Just left my second visit with Governor Thompson, this time down in the Barley House here in Concord.

He was in NH for a brief visit between stops in Iowa. Our sit down was very informal with just a few activists attending. My impressions are that he is, as many governors are, a good campaigner. He grabs you by the arm, hand, or in my case neck, and tells you he is glad to meet you and asks about what you do.

He is pro-life and has a compelling story about becoming even more so after one of his daughters, who after being diagnosed with cancer had only one egg retrieved before some surgery which prevented her from carrying her own child.

Her sister carried, from that single egg, her child, full-term, for her. How’s that for a life changing series of events?

Gov. Thompson is pro-Second Amendment civil rights and quickly rattles off the different guns he owns. Good sign. I gave him a PRO-GUN NH pin for his lapel.

I like the way he describes how he found a way to deal with welfare in Wisconsin. Which was a model for the rest of the country by the way.

Gov. Thompson met some single moms on welfare, sat them down for dinner, and they talked about welfare person to person. Like real people would. No blue ribbon panel of “experts.” If you want to find out what the commonality of successful mayors is you will find that they meet with people one on one. Ditto governors I would say.

We did not get a chance to talk about school choice in Milwaukee or the Governor’s stint as HHS Secretary, maybe next time when he comes back for a CNHT Taxpayer Radio interview.

Interesting things I found on the web about Governor Thompson are:

His brother was a Wisconsin Libertarian gubernatorial candidate in 2002.

His dad was a grocery store owner, and his mom a teacher. Thompson himself taught a class on medical diplomacy at the Harvard School of Government in 2005.

And from the “It’s a small world” category - I should have guessed this since he was Governor of Wisconsin from 1987-2001- he was a Master of Ceremonies several times at the Hayward Wisconsin Lumberjack Competition. Which for us wood bums is just about ground zero for timber sports like pole climbing, log rolling (burling), chopping, cross-cut sawing, monster chain saw racing, and all that related forestry stuff I stumble through now and then.

(I have never competed in Hayward because you have to win some big league events to qualify, and because they don’t have a sundial to time me by but could hold my own in ax throwing against most of that crowd.)

Governor Thompson is an engaging guy with executive experience as a governor, combined with a can-do attitude. He has some Washington, DC experience as well.

He has a plan for winning Iowa, comes to NH regularly, and is more than qualified to take on anyone the Democrats have to offer because there is a clear choice between them and Governor Thompson.