EZ Pass The Buck

As the EZ Pass mess gets worse many motorists are confused and angry about having to pay fines for violations they did not commit with their new EZ Pass toll transponders.

Legislators have to be excited to see several million dollars more in potential income from the penalties from $68,000.00 in fines which are at issue. This is real money they can "invest" in more, bigger, and expensive government.

But as with all things some would call bad in NH, Governor Lynch is above reproach. The media have a solemn Constitutional duty to protect Governor Rain Slicker.

This duty is just as solemn as the other one not found in the NH Constitution. The one requiring the Legislature to pay for education with an income tax. But it is just as important.

So if criticizing our beloved Governor is off limits, to whom should taxpayers turn to for help with EZ Pass fines they should not be paying.

I found an expert! A savior! Someone in the know.

"I am pleased the new E-ZPASS system is up and working. I always favored E-ZPASS ever since my days in the Senate because it speeds traffic, increases safety and reduces pollution. I cast a protest vote in favor of some modest toll relief for toll-bound Merrimack residents and still haven't given up on the issue, but overall E-ZPASS has been an outstanding success. Some of you know that I have also been pushing for the State to re-buy unused tokens. Not everyone agrees, but as I see it, people paid the money and didn't get the service, and I'd rather return the small amount of money or let them use the tokens as cash and hand them to an attendant."

Executive Councilor Deborah Pignatelli seems to know a thing or two about EZ Pass.

The above statement is right off her web site - and the wall.