How To Milk A Farmer

Every politician knows people like farmers. So they are extremely careful when they try to screw them.

Take the new liberal/progressive Democrat Legislature here in New Hampshire. They just dreamed up a “milk tax” to help farmers.

When you milk a cow you just grab up high, pinch a bit with thumb and forefinger and pull down. Presto, milk.

To milk a farmer, you have to make everyone, including the farmer, think you CARE about the farmer.

So here ladies and gentlemen is the self-serving “Milk Tax.”

You pay a mere 2.5 cents tax extra on a gallon of milk so a new beaurocracts can be sent forth up to grab land in the guise of conservation.

Armed with public money they can bollix up any land development or sales that don’t meet their liberal criteria. This will probably help farmers just like all the other new laws the liberals are proposing and passing.

The happy farmer’s silage truck is going to cost another $200.00 to register next year.

The minimum wage is going up so the happy farmer can help lift people out of poverty by making his local products less competitive.

HB 287 requires farmers to keep track if any Native Americans were ever living on their land. That is a big, big help.

The View Tax puts a $60,000.00 assessment on Mr. Farmer’s 8’x10’chicken coop.

The legislature was after leg-hold traps again. “Hey weasels and raccoons! The $500.00 chicken coop with the $60,000.00 assessment is that-a way!”

HB 878 sure will keep 70 year old farmers on their toes constantly re-applying for driver’s licenses. Who cares if you don’t drive that old Massey more than six miles down the road, everyone shall submit to Concord’s farmer-friendly Nannies.

Add all the new zoning and planning regulations to your town’s “master race of yuppies” plan and you have quite a good deal going – if your in the run farmers out of NH business.

But yuppies just LOVE farmers. Why they even stop by the place every October to buy a few corn stalks to put next to the $500.00 granite mailbox holder at the end of the paved drive.

Ah Cow Hampshire. You are seeing some liberal “change” now.

(Will they have to wear a helmet while they are on their Gravely?)