JRR Tolkien's, Return Of The Transponder

When last we left the Hampshire, Govdalf, the weak Hobbit Prince of the Hampshire, had just destroyed The Final Token. And the followers of Govdalf rejoiced merrily by dancing themselves into a dizzy frenzy, as they are wont to do.

But not all in the Hampshire were happy, for since the beginning if the First Age the Tokens had bestowed freedom and frugality on the inhabitants of the Hampshire. Now, all of the Hampshire was under the control of The Transponder and its creator, Sauron, of the land of New Jersey, a dark place ruled by cruel overlords, a land from which few escape misery.

With The Final Token destroyed, and Sauron’s Transponder in power, the elves, dwarfs, hobbits, and creatures of Middle Earth who abandoned the Tokens were forced to pay – dearly.

For even though many had cried from the top of the hills of the Hampshire not to abandon the Tokens, few even then understood the sinister mystery of the Transponder.

Some in the Ancient Media cling to the hope that the Transponder can be reasoned with and they hide from its evil side, shielding themselves and Govdalf with their parchment, quills, and ink.

But throughout history Hobbits have learned that absolute power corrupts absolutely and the Sauron of New Jersey is a harsh master. Only the Coin of the Realm can save the Hampshire now for those who refuse to fall under the spell of the Transponder.

Who will protect the inhabitants of the Hampshire if not Govdalf and the Ancient Media?

Are they not responsible for this dark cloud over our land? Have they not betrayed us?

The Hampshire and all Middle Earth await a new Govdalf.