You Can Spin All You Want

The Lynch Amendment that had some gobbledygook language in it about 50% of all education spending being produced by the State looks like it is dead. Great!

And we have a Republican compromise proposal with some "reasonable" wording in it no one will agree to.

As we go along, the sausage will be ground and re-ground until absolutely no one is happy.

But I'm happy already, as long as the 50% wording is out of the original bill.


Because the only thing that matters is what passes with the voters when the amendment, in its final form, shows up on a ballot.

Without the 50% wording in the Lynch Amendment less voters will be confused into thinking the 50% language is a 50% TAX CUT. So there is an even greater chance no amendment will ever pass in 08.

That is a good thing.

Let our disgraced State Supreme Court, who are currently angling to get past impeachment costs back, try to order the legislature to raise the billion or so dollars in education extortion money.