Did You Know That If You Put Your Thumbs In Your Ears...

you can put your hands over your eyes?

That is what the Most Ethical Congress In History is doing this week.

Liberal Democrat John Murtha of Pennsylvania was spared a moment of some small discomfort today by being on the “winning” side of a bid by Republicans for a vote to have him reprimanded.

Bribemaster Murtha has no shame. What is a little reprimand going to mean to him? His Party will support him. They always have. Even during Abscam.

The better story is our old pal Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana who stashed $90,000 of $100,000.00 in bribe money he took in an FBI sting in his home fridge before he was caught by the FBI - then re-elected overwhelmingly by – liberal Democrats.

On May 15th Rep. Billy “Bribe” Jefferson was trying to convince three federal justices from DC that the FBI raid on his Washington office was illegal.

He hasn't’t even been charged yet. Gotta love washington.

You probably didn’t notice much about Rep. Billy “Bribe” Jefferson in the news because keeping the “Most Ethical Congress in History” out of trouble is what the Washington media does best. Ditto NH.

Even with the hard to resist name of the company Democrat Congressman Jefferson was bilking being, “iGate”, the media have given this thief a pass.

Remember the good old days when any Republican scandal could be re-named after Watergate? We even had Plame-gate recently. The con artist and his phony “CIA” wife scandal?

Now that we have real criminals in Washington – the take marked bribe money on tape kind, no one but the Times-Picayune covers it.

Oh that’s right! Its liberal Democrats stealing.