Wakeup Call for Windsor And WMUR!

Today at about 10:30 am, a couple of taxpayers from the microscopic town of Windsor and I traipsed into Hillsborough Superior Court North in Manchester with an RSA 91-A Petition for public documents from that town.

We dropped the original petition and several copies off at Window #2, Equity, along with $140 bucks and in about an hour we had an Expedited hearing set for May 31.

Then off to sweet-talk the young lady at the County Sheriff's Office for service and we were all done.

The plan is for the Sheriff to serve the Windsor Selectmen TONIGHT at 6:30 when they are having another non-public meeting. If that goes well we will be tuning up our CNHT member to handle his end of the hearing next week.

And if we win it will be the second time in about 16 months since we had to do this. The last being denied the right to film the 2006 Town Meeting with an independent film crew that does some PBS work, if you can believe it. Talk about ASKING for it.

Anyway. The Windsor Town Tax Collector (maybe not so much) tried to put "not available at print time" in scrawl across Page 17 of the Windsor town report instead of a Tax Collector's Report.

Since that time The Coalition of NH Taxpayers has been helping our members in Windsor ask, in a specific way and for specific items, that the tax Collector provide the tax records for 2006.

And 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, and 2001 for good measure. So far, since March, we have - nada.

So what does a Suburban full of pro se taxpayer activists do for lunch after such a hard morning?

The Back Room in Manch baby!

So I am sitting there waiting on my Greek salad when a guy grabs my hand and says: "Hi! I'm John Cox and I am running for President."

So I said "I know, you were on our radio program!"

We were doing the roundhouse of introductions and handshakes when John Cox told me he was not allowed to participate in the WMUR Debate coming up.

And that is a shame!

John Cox is an articulate, intelligent, well-spoken candidate. He is good on Second Amendment civil Rights. He is a pro-life, anti-income tax-pro-Fair Tax, small government, free market candidate.

He is no "fringe" candidate by any means. He is good looking, presents himself well, and in New Hampshire, "The Primary State" you would think his average American campaign would in itself earn him a spot in the debate.

Looks like WMUR has gone Hollywood on us and only big money talks.

That would be New Hampshire's loss.