Sorry Hillary

I guess the rabid addicts of political discourse have seen the famous "memo" from the Clinton camp already but if you haven't here is some of the "thought" behind the Clintonistsa plan to skip the Iowa caucus.

Here is the beginning of the "leaked" document:


To: Interested Parties

From: Mike Henry

Date: May 21 2007

Re: An alternative nomination strategy


The 2008 campaign for the Democratic nomination will be unlike any other election in history. In past presidential campaigns smaller states, like Iowa and New Hampshire, played a more prominent role in securing the nomination. That process was based on the momentum that was created from winning Iowa or New Hampshire. Thirteen of the last 14 major-party nominees have won Iowa, New Hampshire, or both. Senator Clinton's husband is the only exception. But I think this old system is about to collapse and it will happen this year because of the impact of primary elections that are being held on February 5th. In effect, the Democratic Party is holding a national primary with over 20 states choosing a nominee on February 5th This new focus forces us to rethink our overall strategy and assess where our time and money are best spent.

Bla, bla, bla, bla, and so on.

News flash for Hillary!

The New Hampshire Democrat/Socialist primary will be won by the Obama fella.

Our Election Law Committee and Legislature are diligently working to allow as much voter fraud as possible in 2008.

The last election saw 96,000 same-day registrants. Modest attempts to track these people shows about 10% of them are not traceable two weeks after our election. That is the margin for winning here in NH.

This margin will come for the most part as COLLEGE VOTERS!!

The kids like Obama. He is working on getting low cost college loan money for them as well.

Many of the college kiddies don't worship at the Clinton alter. They have some semblance of idealism and pathological liars like the Clintons take a second seat to fresh, young, charismatic newcomers.

Sorry Hillary.

(Don't worry though, in the end you'll still be the nominee. It will just entail some discomfort for a while. Real Liberal Democrats respect crooks who will never back down from a lie. And thank you for abandoning NH as well.)