Hey You Four, Cover My Six!

Well not quite.

It seems Hooksett NH is the next town to get national attention for salacious gossip, after of course, Gilmanton/Laconia/Belmont in Peyton Place.

Now we all know that getting your dumb ass some national attention usually comes with having to do something bad, or something politically incorrect, which in most cases is the opposite of something bad.

So we have, instead of three emotional basket cases such as in Peyton Place there are four, not quite charming, municipal office fowl, flapping their wings and gums.

There has been some sympathy generated towards the gang of four after losing their jobs for “gossiping” about their male boss supposedly having an affair with another woman in the town office.

As a person with some background in how municipalities work I should point out that “gossip”, in this case slander if it isn’t true, is the mainstay of day to day operations in many towns and schools. It is the reason everything works…

for some.

A town or a school isn’t like a business. It is GOVERNMENT. It is a necessary evil.

So as forms the municipality – so forms the clique. And the preferred weapon of any clique running a town or school is gossip and/or slander. Get used to it.

Now if the Hooksett Gang of Four can run this Town Administrator out of town or ruin his life by saying he is having an affair with another employee, that’s just doing business.

And if the Town manager can get rid of the whole gang in one fell swoop, good for him!

Remember! A municipality doesn’t have to make a profit to survive. It is going to be there no matter what. What matters is WHO CONTROLS IT!

Good jobs, good pay, great benefits, job security, no heavy lifting. Just make damn sure you have a good “team” to work with and the benefits can be handed down for generations.

One other thing, the girls should get their jobs back as soon as they can prove what they supposedly said is true. It’s that simple.

Just kidding! Facts and truth have nothing to do with this, it’s a battle of wills and who has more friends in town.